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The Human & Social Systems Framework for Change

Putting people at the heart of Digital Transformation starting with shifting leadership mindset

Now is the perfect time for people to really power transformation

Who are we?

We are a global community of practice bringing together three distinct audiences passionate about putting people at the centre of digital transformation and unlocking a new leadership mindset.

We believe these three audiences power the success of digital transformation because of their unique positioning (Coaches & Mentors), their involvement in the digital transformation agenda (Digital Practitioners) or their courage in daring to think differently (Future leaders).

Does this sound like you? If so read on...

The Human and Social Systems Framework for Change and Digital Transformation ultimately serves the leaders and people supporting any organisation. However, it is those who work with the leaders of an organisation and those who want to reposition digital transformation away from projects and towards people and behavioural shift that we serve. 

Helping these audiences increase the presence of a new leadership mindset and reposition people as the central focus of digital transformation is why we exist.

Let's look at this in a bit more detail:

The Business Mentor & Coach

Who are you: As a business coach or executive mentor you have a unique position and potential role to play in the success of digital transformation. Working closely in 121 dialogue or small group sessions, you have valued and immersive dialogues with leaders and leadership groups that focus on them, on their own self-transformation inside and out.

Your Opportunity: The unique position of anyone who enters into 121 or small group dialogue with leaders is of significant value to the potential success of digital transformation. With so much anxiety, fear, complexity and accountability shifts, many leaders today simply don't know which way to turn, what to learn or know, who to connect with, how to lean into modernity that's often counter to everything we've been taught to date (experimental practice, transparent data, digital literacy). As a mentor and/or coach you have the potential to help leaders widen their frame of reference, explore new skills and behaviours in a safe way - to build up the competence, eventually to unlock a new mental model for leading the organisation into a better future.

Your Challenge: You may be a seasoned leadership coach but realise the world around you is changing - as millennial leaders enter the boardroom as well as more accountability for digital transformation. Your own frame of reference, knowledge and even competency might make you feel that you lack some of the relevancy that you know you can bring. Your own methods of engaging with your customers may also lack a richness and quality that differentiates you. Alongside your current toolkit of profile diagnostics and methods, you seek the tools and framework that can give you that value and differentiation you need in the market.

How we help: We have designed a professional certification program especially for you to become a mentor-coach. Able to use the framework, but more importantly trained in the use of the diagnostics and tools that support the framework - The Dilyn Way™ Profiling tool (used all over the world by 2,000+ leaders) and The Power of One transformation approach that includes the Habit Canvas Online Creator & Habit Plan Coaching Platform.


The Digital Practitioner

Who are you: As a digital practitioner you will be involved in the digital transformation agenda - from one of several different start points: project management, change management, service design, learning & development, data, technology, and so on. Being competent around change you know the importance of human centred transformation and want to find a better way to bring the people dimension into the frame to achieve success.

The Opportunity. As someone already dedicated to the digital transformation agenda you have a level of maturity in this area. You have experience and personal context to share. Knowing that people are the determining factor of digital transformation you are now ready to lean in and develop your own leadership mindset that becomes a role model for others to follow.

The Challenge. Why does it seem that others are not listening? So often, when you are confident in your idea, your innovation, your vision - it's hard to understand how and why others seem hesitant or risk averse. We hear these frustrations so often from digital practitioners. It's so important to bring yourself to any case for change - not just the numbers. The key lies in building your own profile as a modern leader, so you become the role model leaders can follow when change knocks on their door. 

How we help: We have designed a professional certification program especially for you to become competent in the framework (The Dilyn Way™). As a certified practitioner, you will be able to use the framework, in the design, delivery, implementation and measurement of people focussed initiatives. The framework allows you to position people as the central core to your digital transformation vision, strategy and plans.


The Leader ready to disrupt.

You think differently and know that a different leadership mindset is needed to navigate us into a better future, a better world. Your courage has shown you to speak truth to power, enable and empower teams around you to experiment and dare to be different. You are willing to experiment with risk to find the winning formula. You know a mindset shift is needed in our leadership practice today to help bring others along the journey with us - to do more with less and in context of ever increasing complexity.

The Opportunity. Because change is natural to you and you have a level of maturity that already evidences many of the attributes and thinking more leaders need to adopt, you are in a great position to bring others along with you. You are the spark of difference needed to notice that small voice, that new idea. You recognise alone we are nothing - our silos cannot thrive in this new world and you are willing to evidence this.

The Challenge. Some see you as a credible disruptor. Others try to marginalise you as a maverick, especially in current times when looking out to the future seems easy to dismiss when NOW is full of uncertainty. How do you get people around you to recognise that shifting how we practice as leaders in the moments of NOW is exactly what will help us see the possibility of the future - and be more open to it? Thinking differently, seeing a better future but struggling to make it real can be a lonely place; where is your support?

How we help: As custodians of The Dilyn Way™ (The Human and Social Systems Framework for Change and Digital Transformation) we are uniquely positioned to always focus on 'what's next'. What are those emerging leadership skills you need to keep one step ahead? How can you access support to reconnect with your own inner human qualities to lead more coherently, intuitively, with empathy and openness. This is where Quantum comes into play. Quantum is the leadership experience for the disruptive leader. For the leader who dares to be different and believe in a better world that is powered by a different leadership mindset. Quantum is your own personal support program as well as transformation program bringing state of the art science and research into one single program whilst at the same time focussing on a self discovery journey towards human centred leadership that is noble and the role model we have all been waiting for.


Never has there been a more critical time and need for people to take the leading role in digital transformation - that starts with encouraging leaders to think differently. When the world around us is a mass of constant change, we have realised the need to bring humanity back to the centre of business, we also have to help leaders redefine their practice and rewire their habits to role model noble leadership we can trust and that’s worth following.

A Program for You

Never before has there been a more valuable and meaningful time to become a business or executive coach, digital practitioner or a Quantum leader. That’s why we’ve designed this unique program so you can help the global community of leaders around or above you, role model digital transformation and evidence human centred leadership – for better services, products, businesses, communities and societies.

When we change ourselves – we change the world around us. Culture shifts by looking up – so when change knocks on our door and we look to our leaders we want to see, believe, trust and follow that change. Become a mentor-coach, digital practitioner or a Quantum leader in The Dilyn Way™ to help leaders around you be that person others want to follow on a path to a brighter future.

Join a program

You can become a part of this exciting and growing global community in the following ways;

Practitioner-Leadership Certification Program - 7 Months Online 

The program is designed around a concept we call Missions to Moonshot. The full program consists of 7 Missions. To begin with a first step is to understand what your personal and unique Moonshot is. From here we help you design your missions to Moonshot and your personal pathway to success. 

Everyone's Moonshot will be different. This first session will be with your assigned Mentor-Coach, who will stay with you throughout the 7 months to help you build your pathway and put the framework and your modern leadership identity into practice. And that’s important, this program is heavily weighted towards practice - we want you to be competent as a certified practitioner and leader not just knowledgeable.

During orientation you will explore your goals, ambitions and objectives and work these all into your Moonshot. This will then inform which Missions you will need to complete for your certification.  Everyone is required to complete 4 out of 6 Missions to reach mission 7 - Professional Certification.

If you are a coach or mentor - you can certify as a professional Mentor-Coach in the framework to then help the leaders you work with adopt a new way of thinking and digitally transform themselves. You will also be guided through your own digital transformation journey to emerge as someone relevant and meaningful to future leaders and the digital transformation agenda.

If you are a digital specialist practitioner - you can certify as a professional practitioner in the framework which will allow you to use the framework to place people at the heart of your digital transformation efforts. As a digital specialist practitioner you will also be able to use the framework in the design, creation and delivery of people centred experiences (learning and development, change management) as well as use the framework to help ensure strategy and planning is truly human centred. The framework can also be used to support team collaboration, but most importantly includes your own personal digital transformation journey supported by coaching and mentoring to emerge as a future role model leader yourself.


Quantum - 7 Weeks Online

Ready to go to the edge? Ready to build a new peer group? Keen to access your own mentor-coaching support? Quantum is a leadership experience like no other. Split into two streams where we help you develop some of the capabilities only just starting to emerge as core future leadership skills, as well as help you re-connect, hone and advance your human centred leadership.


About our programs

All our programs are delivered inside the global community of practice here - LeadIn 4-D. The Practitioner-Leadership program is a self-directed program. The Quantum program is kept to a very low number to ensure personal interaction and support is maximised. Each program includes coaching, mentoring, mission briefings or masterclass sessions, experimental labs and activity assignments. 

As an automatic member of the community you also gain access to the main community activities that include:

  • Month by month themes that tackle a core element of the framework to help build your understanding and ability to use the core elements of the framework in your leadership practice.
  • Networking and ability to share with like minded experts, professionals and leaders from around the world.
  • Access to bi-monthly masterclasses, where experts in core areas of the framework come and share their insights and tips.
  • Garage sessions where common leadership or digital transformation issues are discussed and shared experiences voiced to enable us to generate good practices for others to learn.
  • Ability to generate your own events and groups within the community to work on a project you need help with or an experiment you would like to explore further. 
  • Access to coaches and mentors from a wide variety of disciplines specific to the framework and the future of leaders for you to connect and engage with if you wish.
  • Resources, materials and tips to help you and your team on your journey.

If you feel you would benefit from being a member of the community first before committing to becoming a certified mentor-coach, digital practitioner or Quantum leader, you can join the community for free - all we ask is that you are true to yourself, you are one of the three audiences mentioned above and most importantly join with a willingness to contribute and take part in the community. 

And, if our word isn't enough...

 Rachel Neaman

"The Programme from Adapt2Digital is a fantastic training resource that provides practical and detailed insight into what it means to be a leader in a digitised world. The programme covers theory, practice and feedback – combining a unique profiling tool, practical exercises, regular check-ins with a coach-mentor, and links to further materials – and focuses on the mindset and behaviours essential for leaders to demonstrate. Taking part in the Programme has been invaluable for my own coaching and mentoring work, and I highly recommend this programme to anyone interested in supporting others to develop the leadership profile that will allow them to deliver real success." 

Chris Riley

“Before entering the Programme, I knew there was more to digital than just the tech. Through its seven principles this programme has allowed me to explore all aspects of digital, where I stand on my own path to greater understanding and ideas for how I can develop further. As a leader in ICT I already understood a lot of the new technologies, but I wasn’t living digital myself. I have learnt that to be a leader in the modern world you need to fully immerse yourself in digital.” 

Rudolph Vogl

"Having moved out of the corporate world after many years in a top leadership position it was fascinating and challenging to (re-)identify who am I and what I really stand for in a digital age. It ultimately was about reinventing and creating my new brand! In that situation The Dilyn Way and the Brand Triangle were the ideal framework/tools for me. It helped to align my fundamental values with my future goals which I will thrive to achieve in the digital age through my new company."

Payment Assisstance

For payment assistance in our training & coaching programs due to the affects of COVID-19, please email in the fullest of confidence [email protected] to discuss payment plans or further discounts.

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